In this book you will meet Space Orville, a youth commandeered by the Universal Protection Service to rescue Miles O’Teeth, inventor of the irreplaceable Fog Napkin, who has been kidnaped by the Candy-Apple Weezle Bums. Space Orville sets out on a quest that will take him from the safety of a torus-like structure orbiting Earth all the way to the most enigmatic of the layers of the universe: Narvosis. In true superhero style he has a sidekick called Neutrofuzz who gimbles, thimmers, tingulates, felingers, and many other verbs that you never knew existed. Along the way Space Orville and Neutrofuzz team up with a motley crew of characters that will aid them in their quest and also solicit their help to fight a most dangerous criminal bent on dominating the galaxy: Bizmo the Inconceivable!

Brought to you by the intriguing mind of the erudite wordsmith Jeff Whelan, this book is a wild romp, part fantasy and part science fiction. The science fiction is very well thought out with convincing explanations being presented for many of the gadgets used and the phenomena encountered. The characters are also portrayed very well, especially Space Orville who learns a thing or two about himself and grows up with the experience. But what I found most amazing is the sheer descriptive ability of the author. Jeff Whelan literally paints with words bringing to life worlds full of multicolored shape shifting landscapes that engage the senses. Here is a sampler:

“Bubbling waves of purple and green gave way to a solid sheet of icy blue laced with rippling ribbons of pink. This landscape blended into a fresh, white froth that eventually smoothed out into rolling orange hills patched with splashes of red.”

Although the author has remarked that he was inspired by the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the outlandish science fiction of Dr. Who, and the bizarre humor of Monty Python, in Space Orville Whelan has found his own voice by creating a unique blend of reality and lunacy. If you want adventure spiced with zaniness and astounding writing that engages the senses, Space Orville is the book for you!

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